Coloured horizontal bar graphs

R is great for creating some acceptable looking graphs, much more so that GnuPlot (which is also awesome ). R plots are decent, however there is a library called ggplot that is even better. I wanted to create some simple graphs of data and add a little colour – red for +ve values, blue for -ve. This is fairly simple to achieve with R and ggplot.

I can’t share the data that I am using or explain what it is. I load file content into a data.frame and then use the names to extract a entry of interest.


data <- read.table("data", h=T, sep=",")

This reads the data in.

plot <- ggplot(data, aes(fill=componentToFill, x=X, y=component)) + 
geom_bar() +
coord_flip() + 
scale_y_continuous("") + 
scale_x_discrete("") + 
scale_fill_gradient2(low="blue", high="red")

component and componentToFill are things in your data frame, again I’ve had to change my names despite the fact you don’t have the data (I don’t want to get in trouble).

ggsave(filename="example.jpg", p, dpi=1000, width=7, height=5)

It’s probably a good idea to look at the plot, in this case we will save to a file called example.jpg.

The image I had looks like this.


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