Islington Council Salaries

It’s nice to know that council tax is going to the right places. Why bother fixing roads and keeping libraries open? It’s far better to line the pockets of a select few, they know we (the public) won’t do anything, other than moan or write a strongly worded letter. After all we are English, it’s what we do. Sadly, it doesn’t work as intended.

I got some data from the council website. It’s in PDF form and details the Senior Officer Banding and the number of employees in each category. According to wikipedia, the prime minister gets a meagre £142,000, which includes £65,737 for being a Member of Parliament.

So, what does this look like? Well, something like this:

yeah, it could look better.

Anyway, you should look at the raw data, I removed about 100 members of staff that get paid between 50-60k for doing something, it would be nice to know what.