Connect to Lucid using R

*will work for any JDBC db*

First you will need to install the RJDBC library. I did this using the R package manager (remember to include all dependencies).

The following lines connect to my local lucid instance, select the number of users from my pretend visitors table and stores the result in the ‘result’ variable.

driver <- JDBC("org.luciddb.jdbc.LucidDbClientDriver", "/Users/dan/Desktop/LucidDbClient.jar", identifier.quote="'")
conn <- dbConnect(driver, "jdbc:luciddb:http://localhost:8034", "sa", "")
result <- dbGetQuery(conn, "select count(*) from visitors")

Remember, be a good person and close your connection :)
You can find out more from about RJDBC here http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/RJDBC/index.html

SBT – scalatest + jdbc

In the sbt project definition add the following to get scalatest and mysql drivers
(project file: project/build/ProjectName.scala)

import sbt._ 
class ProjectName(info: ProjectInfo) extends DefaultProject(info) { 
  val scalaToolsSnapshots = ScalaToolsSnapshots
  val scalatest = "org.scalatest" % "scalatest" % "1.0.1-for-scala-2.8.0.RC1-SNAPSHOT"
  val mysql = "mysql" % "mysql-connector-java" % "5.1.12" % "compile"

Then type sbt update

This should get scalatest & mysql up and running with SBT.